Slotomania gets at least one thing true: it does a commendable workplace of recreating the experience of playing a slot machine. There are lots of bright flashy visuals to keep you entranced and your stash of online currency might slowly dwindle as you play. Problem is, even though Slotomania is a very good representation of an actual slot machine, that doesn’t exactly make for a fun Facebook game.

The game gives you some money to begin off with and you are able to earn extra cash bonuses by logging in daily. To start you’ll only have find to one slot machine, which is appropriately farm themed, but as you earn experience points you’ll unlock new machines, each with its own unique theme. The design are bright and colorful and a fun little tune plays each time you spin the machine.

While there are more than a dozen machines to unlock, the process of levelling up is so slow that it feels such as you’re playing the same machine for a very long time. And though each machine is slightly different, with a unique theme and style, you’re still doing the exact same thing. No variety of pirates, cats, or aliens may make the course of action of clicking the spin button any a lot more exciting.

Slotomania makes the mistake of trying too tough to feel like an actual slot machine. That might work in a casino, when you have the chance of winning some money, but for a Facebook game it’s little more than an exercise in monotony. The game is dressed up like a video game, with a very good presentation and a handful of mini-games, but it doesn’t play like one. It’s gaming with none of the thrills.